The Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival committee works year round to plan, coordinate and execute Hutchinson’s city festival for the enjoyment of the entire community.

The committee consists mainly of members from the Hutchinson Jaycees. Many other volunteers are needed at events during Water Carnival week, and you are encouraged to contact committee members if you or your organization would like to participate.

Jeremy Carter Commodore
Bethany Carter First Mate
Adam Fink Vice Commodore
Jessica Fink Second Mate
Chris Wilke Past Commodore
Sara Wilke Past First Mate
Ryan Elbert Entertainment Chair
Chad Czmowski Entertainment Chair
Kyle Wendling Finance Coordinator
Daren Scheppmann FinanceĀ  Chair
Shawn Knorr Finance Chair
Leah Watzke Finance Chair
Mark Corbin Finance Chair
Eric Schumaci Finance Chair
Ryan Ortloff Finance Chair
Amber Munoz FinanceĀ  Chair
Joel Reiter Finance Chair
Caleb Paulson Finance Chair
Pete Ladwig Hospitality Chair
Jon & Laura Beach Hospitality Vice Chair
Traci Plombon Kiddy Day/Jr. Royalty Chair
Ari Baumgarten Kiddy Day/Jr. Royalty Vice Chair
Brittany Peterson Pageant Chair
Shaina Scheppman Pageant Vice Chair
Sandi Sportelli Pageant Consultant
Ethan Meyer Parade Chair
Mike Scott Parade Vice Chair
Roman Bloemke Photographer
Jessica Wendland Publicity Chair
Kasie Thomas Publicity Vice Chair
Sam Elbert Queens Chair
Leah Watzke Queens Vice Chair
Tess Heikes Royalty Coordinator Chair
Kristin Kirchoff Royalty Coordinator Vice Chair
Jacob Sanken Sporting Events Chair – Run
Jennifer Ortloff Sporting Events Vice Chair – Run
Annie Mahoney Sporting Events Vice Chair – Run
Matt Dostal Sporting Events Chair – Bean Bags
Andy Demeyer Sporting Events Vice Chair – Bean Bags
Cole Coubrough Sporting Events Chair – Motorcycle Ride
Nick Nelson Sporting Events Vice Chair – Motorcycle Ride
Chad Czmowski Sporting Events Chair – Bike Ride
Matt Dostal Treasurer
Eric Westlund Water Events Chair
Ryan Ortloff Webmaster
Shanna Nemitz Posse
Brandon Thiemann Posse
Dan Daly Posse