Become a Queen Candidate

Miss Hutchinson 2024

Each year, the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival celebration culminates with the selection of the new Miss Hutchinson and Hutchinson Princess.

Qualified candidates are young women between the ages of 17-23 who have never been married or pregnant and reside in or have parents who reside in the Hutchinson area.

Being a Queen Candidate is a great opportunity to network and potentially earn a cash scholarship to be used for educational expenses, if selected as Royalty.

NOW ACCEPTING 2024 Candidate Applications.  Applications are received on a first come, first serve basis. Additional applicants will be placed on a wait list. 

2024 Queen Candidate General Statement 2024 Queen Candidate Application

For more information contact the Water Carnival Vice Commodore:

Kati Klitzke

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 320-296-1592

I got the opportunity to not only represent one of the best communities in Minnesota, but I also got to meet and care for people that I would have never gotten the chance to do otherwise if I hadn’t ran for Miss Hutchinson.

This past year has definitely been one of the best years in my life, and if I got the chance to do it all over again, I would. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a crown and a gown and be called a princess?

Abbie Nistler

2015 Royalty

The week of Water Carnival is filled with sparkling dresses, smiling faces, countless surprises, and, of course, late night pizza. Every event throughout Water Carnival week allows each candidate to get to know the community, giving each girl the sense of warmth and support that Hutchinson is all about. If I had the opportunity to be a Miss Hutchinson Candidate again, I would and I know that every other candidate would agree with me, without hesitation.

Erika Smith

2015 Royalty


How are Queen Candidates Chosen?

Candidate applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Once 8 qualifying candidate applications have been received, additional applicants will be placed on a wait list in case of any withdrawals.

What are Queen Candidates judged on?

Water Carnival Queen candidates are judged on a combination of personality, attitude, intelligence and talent, as well as other intangible characteristics.

What is involved in the pageant?

During the Miss Hutchinson pageant, each candidate will participate in a formal gown competition, a question and answer session and must entertain the pageant audience for a period of 3 to 5 minutes with a presentation of talent.  Often, this talent requirement is a concern to candidates.  Have confidence!  Each of us has some talent, and keep in mind: this is only a small portion of the overall judging process.  The total you is the most important aspect!

Who are the Water Carnival Queen Candidate judges?

The Water Carnival judges are adults who do not live in Hutchinson that spend the weekend interviewing and observing the candidates along with making the final selections of Miss Hutchinson, Princess and the Talent Award.  Neither the Hutchinson Jaycees nor the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Committee have any involvement in choosing Miss Hutchinson or the Princess.

Do I have to find a business to sponsor me?

No, the Water Carnival committee secures businesses willing to sponsor queen candidates and the committee assigns each candidate a sponsor.

What are the benefits of being a Queen Candidate?

Being a Water Carnival Queen Candidate is an opportunity afforded to only eight young women each year.  Through your experience as a Queen Candidate, you will gain confidence, meet new people and enhance your public speaking skills.  You will also get the chance to learn more about the rich history of Hutchinson and become an active part of the community.  Finally, each of the contestants also will receive a beautiful memento of the occasion.

What is the scheduling commitment of a Queen Candidate?

During Water Carnival week, the Queen Candidate’s time is subject to the schedule of events set up for them by the Water Carnival Committee. Each and every contestant is required to be present at all of the planned events.  If chosen as Miss Hutchinson or Princess, you agree to represent Hutchinson at several parades and other personal appearances throughout Minnesota during your reign, through Water Carnival week. If you have specific scheduling questions, please talk to the Queens Chair or Royalty Coordinators prior to Water Carnival.