Queen’s Scholarship Fund

Greetings Water Carnival Supporter,

We would like to begin the process of creating a small endowment to protect the future of our scholarship program. The scholarships provided to our Queen and Princess each year are dependent upon your donation and ticket sales for the Pageant and Coronation Programs.

We have decided to create a new savings account exclusively for the Queen’s Scholarship Fund. If you are interested in helping us to ensure that our Hutchinson ambassadors receive a consistent scholarship each year, please consider donating as you have in previous years. There will be no pageant programs, facility rental fees, or advertising costs in 2020 so any amount that you can donate will go directly to supporting our scholarship program. All 2020 Scholarship Sponsors will be recognized on our Water Carnival Website and Facebook Page.

To make a donation towards the Queen’s Scholarship Fund, you can either:

Thank you again for your continued support,

Jon and Laura Beach
Commodore and First Mate of the 78th Water Carnival