Queen Candidate General Statement and Agreement

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    Each year, the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival celebration culminates with the selection of the new Miss Hutchinson and Princess. The 2016 Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival will be held June 13-19, 2016.
    Awards and Financing
    Each contestant will be given $250.00 by her sponsor toward the purchase of a wardrobe. Additional details concerning the wardrobe will be supplied to the contestant by the Miss Hutchinson Candidate Committee at a later date. The Water Carnival Committee will pay the living expenses of the contestants during the Water Carnival weekend, beginning Friday morning through checkout on Sunday morning. Each of the contestants also will receive a beautiful memento of the occasion. The two winners selected from the contestants will receive the following awards:
    1. Miss Hutchinson of the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Cash scholarship to be used for education expenses (awarded at the completion of her reign) Entry into the Queen of Lakes Contest at the Minneapolis Aquatennial (Including $300.00 for wardrobe expenses)
    2. Princess of the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Cash scholarship to be used for education expenses (awarded at the completion of her reign) Serve as ambassador for Hutchinson at the St. Paul Winter Carnival During Water Carnival week, the contestant’s time is subject to the schedule of events set up for them by the Water Carnival Committee. Each and every contestant is required to be present at all of the planned events. It is the purpose of the Committee to make the week of the Water Carnival as full of events as possible and a period that shall long remain a happy memory for all of the Miss Hutchinson Candidates. During the contest, the Miss Hutchinson Contestants will be under supervision of the Miss Hutchinson Candidate Committee. It is agreed that all winners of this contest can represent no other organization or city in any other contests in the coming year, except under the sponsorship of the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Committee.
    Miss Hutchinson Pageant
    During the Miss Hutchinson Pageant, each contestant will participate in a formal gown presentation, a question and answer session, and must entertain the pageant audience for a period of 3 to 5 minutes with a presentation of talent. All talent presentations must be approved by the Water Carnival Committee prior to the pageant. Examples of talent include (but are not limited to) the following:
    1. Musical instrument
    2. Vocal talent
    3. Reading or interpretation
    4. Dance
    5. A talk on your present or future career, vocation, etc.
    6. Any other entertaining routine or exercise
    Often, this talent requirement is a concern to contestants. HAVE CONFIDENCE! Each of us has some talent, and keep in mind: this is only a small portion of the contest. The total you is the most important aspect!
    Miss Hutchinson and Princess will be chosen based on personality, attitude, intelligence, talent, as well as other intangible characteristics. Adult judges who do not live in Hutchinson will spend the weekend interviewing and observing the candidates and will make the final selections. Neither the Hutchinson Jaycees nor the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Committee have any involvement in choosing Miss Hutchinson or the Princess.
    2016 Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Miss Hutchinson Contest I hereby acknowledge my intention to be a contestant in the 2015 Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Miss Hutchinson Contest. I agree that, if selected as one of the eight candidates for the Miss Hutchinson Contest, I will abide by the rules and regulations as established and outlined in the attached General Statement regarding the selection of the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Miss Hutchinson, a copy of which is attached and by reference made a part of this agreement. The rules and regulations include, but may not be limited to the following:
    1. Contestants must be females, ages 18 to 25 years old, a graduate of high school by June the year of Water Carnival candidacy.
    2. The contestant or parents must reside in the Hutchinson area. Exceptions may be made by the Water Carnival committee on a case-by-case basis.
    3. The contestant must not be or have ever been a professional model.
    4. The contestant must not be or have ever been married, been a parent or pregnant. NOTE: If you are selected as Miss Hutchinson or Princess, you agree not to be married or pregnant during your reign. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of the title of Miss Hutchinson or Princess and the scholarship award.
    5. Each contestant must send a non-returnable, recent photo, with her application. If selected as one of the eight candidates, the contestant will be required to sit for publicity photos at the Water Carnival Committee’s expense.
    6. No contestant who has ever been selected as a finalist in the Minneapolis Queen of the Lakes Contest can compete in this contest.
    7. There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or smoking from Monday through the conclusion of the Water Carnival festivities Sunday evening.
    8. Each contestant agrees to attend all Water Carnival functions unless excused by the Commodore or his/her representative.
    9. No family members or friends are allowed in your hotel/motel room during the weekend of the Water Carnival without permission of the Commodore or Water Carnival Queen Candidate Chaperones.
    10. If chosen as Miss Hutchinson (or Princess if Miss Hutchinson cannot fulfill the obligation), you agree to compete at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes Contest, upon approval by the Water Carnival Commodore.
    11. If chosen as Princess (or Miss Hutchinson if the Princess cannot fulfill the obligation), you agree to represent Hutchinson at the St. Paul Winter Carnival festival, upon approval by the Water Carnival Commodore.
    12. If chosen as Miss Hutchinson or Princess, you agree to represent Hutchinson by attending several parades and other personal appearances throughout Minnesota during your reign, through the completion of the 2015 Water Carnival festival.Note: The total number of appearances and dates are somewhat flexible, and can be negotiated based on work schedules, vacations and other obligations. However, a typical (approximate) number of parade appearances are twelve, and a typical number of other personal appearances are ten or fewer. Transportation and other expenses for all appearances will be provided by the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival.
    13. Any violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement may be grounds for immediate dismissal as a participant. The Water Carnival Commodore will make the final decision as to any violation.
  • I have read and understand the above rules and regulations.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This document, along with the Official Application Form and non-returnable photograph, must be submitted to the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival Queens Chair.

    Sam Elbert
    1335 Heritage Ave NW, Hutchinson, MN 55350
    [email protected]
    (507) 236-0717